How To Raise pH Level of Swimming Pool

Raise pool pH level

Summer is here, and everybody likes to jump into the pool to spend some relaxing time. But what if the pH level of the pool is disturbed or slightly acidic? Do you take the risk of damaging your skin, eye irritation, and other skin-related issues?  If the pool’s pH is … Read more

How To Lower pH Level Of Swimming Pools

Lower Pool pH Level

The rise in the pH of the swimming pool is the most crucial problem as it can affect the skin’s pH and may damage it. Ideally, the pH range between 7.4 to 7.8 is considered safe for the swimming pool as it doesn’t harm the skin.  When the pH of … Read more

How To Raise Alkalinity in a Pool

Raise Pool Alkalinity

Do you feel irritation in the eyes while swimming in the pool? Probably it happens due to the high acidic level of the pool. The acidic swimming pool is not only corrosive for the pool but unsafe for swimming purposes. The high acid level may cause skin irritation and damage … Read more

Best Above Ground Pool Lights (2021) – Top Pick & Review

Best Above Ground Pool Lights

Who doesn’t want a boundary glistening with light flares? The above ground pool lights add an amazing view in the night at the pool. These exquisite lights offer a variety, which not only enhances the beauty of the pool but also keep it safe and secure when the darkness creeps … Read more

Best Above Ground Pool Fence In 2021

Best above ground pool fence

If you own a swimming pool then it must be the center of attraction of your house. Especially in summers, pools are the ultimate source of happiness, fun as well as comfort. From having pool parties to setting up cute dates by the pool, you can do everything at your … Read more

Best Mesh Pool Fence For Safety

Best Mesh Pool Fence

Do you need the best mesh pool fence that secures your family from accidentally drowning in the pool? Then, you’ve got the right place to get the answer. No wonder whether you have life jackets, a swimmer on duty, and other protective gear, but none of them offer you complete … Read more

Best Dolphin Pool Cleaners (2021)- Top Pick & Review

Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner

If you’ve made a decision to buy- Dolphin Pool Cleaners, I would say- it’s the best decision you have ever made. Dolphin manufacturers wide-range of pool cleaners with innovative features. Their products are suitable for commercial as well as home use. The Dolphin pool cleaners are known for their quality … Read more

Best Removable Pool Fence- Top Picks

Best Removable Pool Fence

Everyone aspires to live in a house that has a swimming pool and if you are living that dream then congratulations! Owning a pool is the most satisfying thing ever, especially in summers. The feeling of chilling with your family and friends by the pool is unbeatable. However, having a … Read more

Best Pool Shock- Buyer’s Guide

Best Pool Shock

Pool shock treatment is a process where chlorine is added to water for increasing the level of free chlorine. Super-chlorination of pool water is essential to destroy various contaminants such as bacteria, algae, and chloramines. The Best Pool shock kills invisible germs and makes water sparkling within a few hours. … Read more

Best Polaris Pool Cleaners (2021)- Review (Unbiased)

Best Polaris Pool Cleaners

Do you know- which is the best robotic pool cleaner brand? I’m sure you heard about- Polaris. It’s a subsidiary of Zodiac Pool System LLC, a well-known pool cleaning product manufacturer in the USA. Polaris Pool Cleaners has got lots of reputation and good feedback from the customers. I’m that’s … Read more