Best Above Ground Pools (2021)- Review & Top Pick

Best Above Ground Pool

One of the best things to do on a scorching summer day is taking a dip in the water, splash around or simply float in it directly under the bright shining sun. Having a romantic dip with your wife or girlfriend is another perfect way to spend the quality weekend. … Read more

Summer Waves Vs Intex Pool- Which Is Best?

Summer Waves or Intex Pools

You’ve made a great decision for choosing above ground pool over in-ground pools. Because above the ground pools are cheaper and portable option to enjoy swimming. But, which one is the best above ground pool between Summer Waves and Intex? That’s why I came up with a comparison post of- … Read more

Best Pool Shock- Buyer’s Guide

Best Pool Shock

Pool shock treatment is a process where chlorine is added to water for increasing the level of free chlorine. Super-chlorination of pool water is essential to destroy various contaminants such as bacteria, algae, and chloramines. The Best Pool shock kills invisible germs and makes water sparkling within a few hours. … Read more

How To Get Algae Out Of The Pool Without a Vacuum?

Get Algae Out Of Pool

Nothing disturbs more than having stale water in the pool. The stale water may have caused due to many reasons, and one of them is the presence of algae. We all love to enjoy the pool in the summer or any occasional events, but the algae will convert water into … Read more

6 Best Summer Waves Pools Review (2021)

Best Summer Waves Pools

Are you a water baby? Can’t think of anything more fun than swimming in summer? Do you hate waiting in long unending queues for the swimming pool in summer? Need more accessibility to pools? No more going to the water parks and standing in those long queues! We have curated … Read more

Best Automatic Pool Skimmers (2021)

Best Automatic Pool Skimmer

Hygiene is something that strikes our intellect when we have finally chosen to go for swimming. For that, a pool skimmer is a must to keep all the debris away like insects, dust, and bugs, etc. We, as human beings don’t ever want to get our hands dirty in the … Read more

Best Pool Vacuum Heads (2021)- Review

Best Pool Vacuum Head

Who likes spending hours standing half-wet straight into the pool for cleaning? Nobody. But what if, you do not have to do all that, and need to only spare a few minutes after it? Cool, right? The major frustration behind cleaning the pool arises from choosing low-quality vacuum heads. This … Read more

Summer Waves Elite Pool Reviews (16″x48″)

Summer Waves Elite Pool Reviews

This guide is about Summer Waves Elite pool reviews. So, if you’re planning to buy an above ground pool, this guide will help in making your decision, correctly! I hope you enjoy reading this Summer Waves elite pool review (16′ x 48″). When you think of summer, you always think … Read more

How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool

How to keep frogs out of your pool

Got frogs in your swimming pool? And you’re possibly wondering why? Well, “pool frogs” are surprisingly common. Pool owners all over deal with them every season. It appears that, for frogs, they find something really tempting about a sparkling clear water body that’s relaxing, threat-free and full of food (bugs … Read more

Best Underwater Pool Patch Kit

Best Pool Patch Kit

Having a pool is great but do you know how to maintain the hygiene and sanity of the pool? You must also keep in mind the concept of pool repair and view it from the perspective of pool maintenance. Repairing a pool is, however, may seem to be quite a … Read more