How To Keep a Small Pool Clean Without a Filter

I know your kids love swimming that’s why got a kiddies pool in your backyard. But, do you know- keeping an above ground pool is a tough task that you must consider it on high priority when your kids swim in it. That’s why you’re looking for how to keep a small pool clean without a filter?

Even though, water in your kiddie pool gleam in sunshine, you must take care of regular cleaning. The shining water is also full of disease-causing bacteria, dirt, dust, etc. And once your loved one swim in it- she/he might get skin irritation and other health problems.

There are plenty of robotic and manual cleaning options available for above ground and in-ground pools. But, you can keep your small pool clean without any filtration system. And, in this guide, I’ll explain everything in detail.

How to keep a small pool clean without a filter?

Every year, almost 4500 emergency cases found in the United States of America because of chemical injury. Chlorine is the most frequently used chemical to keep pools clean and, it’s advisable to handle pool chemicals carefully while cleaning.

The following are the major tools and tips for keeping a kiddie pool clean without any robotic pool cleaners or filtration system.

1. Change the pool water regularly

Above Ground Pool Water Drainage

The most important thing you must consider that- change your kiddie pool water regularly to keep your baby away from disease-causing germs and bacteria. If you have an inflatable kiddie pool, then drain all the water and clean the surfaces with a brush and refill it.

Also, don’t forget to keep in the sunshine for a few hours. The UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun kill all the bacteria and give you a clean pool for your kids. Or you can use Phenol or detergent to wash the surface properly.

2. Get a pool skimmer

Pool water skimmer

It’s highly recommended to get a pool skimmer to clean all the visible dirt and debris. Tree leaves, hairs, and other visible dirt can lead to more germ formation in your pool, so you can clean that instantly if you have a pool skimmer net.

3. Purchase a pool cover

Pool cover

Cleaning the small pool takes almost the same time and resources as bigger pools. But, covering the pool with good quality pool covers can reduce lots of effort. So, if you want to clean a small pool without filter, you shouldn’t forget to cover it properly.

4. Clean the soap lather

Pool Scumbag

It’s quite obvious that your kids will use soap and jump into the pool. In that condition, cleaning process is tough and different. But, you can use Scumbag to soak all the soap and other oily particles from the pool.

The Scumbag has the ability to absorb 40 times its weight. Hence getting a scumbag will help you to take out all the soap lathers and oils outside the pool.

5. Use Chlorine to keep your kiddie pool clean

Pool chlorine tablets

Chlorine and Bromide are the frequently used water cleaning agent that every swimming pool cleaners use. It’s totally safe to use Chlorine tablets to keep a small pool clean without a filter.

The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention reports- every year 4500 emergency cases found due to poor handling of pool cleaning chemicals. So, you must take all preventive majors while cleaning your pool.

  • Read all the instructions and doses written on the product label.
  • Follow all the guidelines properly.
  • Keep the chemicals away from kids and pets.
  • Wear all the safety equipment such as- Gloves, Mask, Goggles while handling and doing the cleaning with chemicals.

6. Use Aqua Broom

Pool aqua broom

I already explained many tips and methods to keep a small pool clean without a filter. However, you can use Auqa Broom for better cleaning result. The Aqua Broom offers a more intense particulate cleaning of Sand & Silt than most vacuums for the Hot Tubs, Pools or Spas.

Final Verdict

There are many more ways to keep a small pool clean without any filter. But, these are sufficient methods to keep your pool clean and germ-free. I hope you like this guide.

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