How To Raise pH Level of Swimming Pool

Summer is here, and everybody likes to jump into the pool to spend some relaxing time. But what if the pH level of the pool is high or slightly acidic? Do you take the risk of damaging your skin, eye irritation, and other skin-related issues? 

If the pool’s pH is acidic, it may affect your skin and cause other financial strain too. Hence, it is helpful if you maintain the pH of the pool.

In this article, I’ll explain how you can raise the level of pH of the pool to make it safe for swimming. If the pH level of water is high, you can read this guide to lower the pool pH level.

So, let’s dive in…

Why is the pH Balance in the Pool important?

Raise pool pH level

The water of the swimming pool is treated with chlorine which acts as a disinfectant. Furthermore, chlorine also acts as an inhibitor that prevents the growth of bacteria in the pool.

If the pH balance is disturbed, then it may affect the disinfection process and oxidizing process.

Additionally, the acidic pH of the pool is highly corrosive, which may further lead to the breakdown of the pool equipment.

Acidic pH can also tear off the pool liner, which is quite expensive to restore. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the pH level of the pool.

This will help restore the pH level, which helps improve the longevity of the swimming pool

What Are the Reasons for Acidic pH Level in Pool?

In several cases, the drop-down in pH can occur due to certain factors such as inadequate use of chemicals, heavy rainstorms, prolonged exposure to the sun rays, and many more. 

The rainwater is slightly acidic and has a pH that ranges between 5-5.5. Therefore, constant rainfall can result in a drop-down in the pH level.

Apart from this, the dissolving of the urine into the pool can also result in a lower pH level. 

The drop in the pH level can raise several issues such as maintenance headache, corrosion, brittle crack in the pool liner, and many more. More than that, it makes the pool unfit for the swimmers and causes skin irritation, itchy skin, and many more. 

Thus, it is helpful to restore the ideal pH level, which is 7.4 to 7.8, and makes it fit for the swimmers.

How to raise Pool pH level?

You may have heard that lowering the pool’s pH level is easy compared to raising the pH level. Therefore, you may need to check the pH level timely to achieve pH balance.

However, before you proceed to raise the pH level, make sure to test the pH level and start accordingly. 

The easiest way to raise the pH level is with the help of soda ash. 

Soda Ash

It is a strong alkaline chemical that quickly dissolves in the water and helps to raise the pH level. However, it leaves certain traces to form the ash into the water and helps to restore the pH level. 

  • To begin with, check the soda ash reagent and measure the accurate quantity. 
  • Add soda ash slowly into the water. Then, add the soda ash near the pipeline to dissolve into the water directly without causing any problem. 
  • Next, measure the alkalinity of pool water and add a few amounts of baking soda or soda ash into the water.
  • Make sure to turn on the water pump so that chemicals can easily dissolve into the water. Also, keep in mind that the amount of chemicals doesn’t exceed more than 2 pounds in 10,000 gallons of water. 
  • Avoid the formation of the trash into the water and circulate the water into the pool properly. 
  • Maintain the aeration into the water as it will help to oxidize the chemical properly and balance the pH. 
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Make Certain Adjustments to Calculate the Alkalinity 

While restoring or raising the pH level, do not forget to calculate the alkalinity of the pH level. Random fluctuation is fine, but if you still face trouble raising the pH level, use the appropriate amount of soda ash or sodium bicarbonate. 

Maintain the aeration into the water as it helps to restore the pH level. 

Bottom Line

So, I hope the article will help to restore the pH level in the pool. But keep in mind that the process may take a longer time as compared to the PH drop. To get effective results, maintain the aeration into the pool. Proper aeration will help to raise the pH level.

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