Summer Waves Elite Pool Reviews (16″x48″)

This guide is about Summer Waves Elite pool reviews. So, if you’re planning to buy an above ground pool, this guide will help in making your decision, correctly! I hope you enjoy reading this Summer Waves elite pool review (16′ x 48″).

When you think of summer, you always think about swimming. So why not set up a sturdy pool in your backyard instead of looking for public pools or wait to go to the beach?

Especially now that you most likely are confined to your homes because of the pandemic.

So why not try the Summer Waves Elite Pool of 16 foot which comes with a skimmer plus filter pump?

This pool has been created and shaped in such a way that it is much better than your regular metal frame swimming pools. It is a great way to make use of the space in your backyard!

Summer Waves Elite Pool Review 🏊

Summer Waves Elite Swimming Pool

Summers are all about enjoying pool time with family and friends, and Summer Waves Elite Pool is here just to offer you that.

These pools come with filter pumps and a triple-layered PVC mesh sidewalls on the inner side.

They are equipped with an exclusive skimmer plus pump system. The pool is also available in all assorted shapes and sizes so you could pick one that suits you the most. It is easy to set up and store.

  • The pool frames are uniquely shaped, which make it sturdier than the regular pool.
  • It comes with all accessories required to set up a complete pool.
  • It is easy to maintain; therefore, you can enjoy to the fullest.
  • It is available in neutral colors and is designed using gorgeous mosaic tiles.
  • The pool is made of a material which is immune to puncture, making it durable.
  • It is 16 feet in diameter and 48 inches high.
  • The kit includes an SFX 1500 skimmer plus filter pump system, a cover, a ladder, and a ground cloth.
  • Some users reported- Deluxe Maintanace Kit was missing in the box.

Why You Should Purchase Summer Waves Elite Pool?

What better way to spend the summer than enjoying yourself in a backyard swimming pool?

Summer Waves Elite Pool is very easy to set up and is stable. The skimmer pump allows proper circulation of the chlorine tablets making sure the pool is clean and hygienic.

People who don’t have access to pools can easily purchase this and use it in case they don’t have a pool in their locality, but the Covid-19 situation makes it difficult to visit such public places.

Moreover, nobody knows when the whole scenario will clear up. This is pool is easy to use also it is better to stay in the safety of your homes than risk going out at this point when the pandemic is so serious.

1. The Build Quality

Summer Waves Elite Swimming Pool is durable and sturdy, unlike those pools that dismantle easily or are hard to maintain.

It comes with a good pump system, and the frames give it a unique shape that makes it different from all the traditional pools that have existed before.

2. Durability

It comes with durable 3-ply puncture-resistant material. You don’t have to worry about damaging the pool or the pool getting punctured easily. The material can easily withstand the wear of usage. It is easy to put together and can fit several people.

3. Post-sale Service & Customer Support

You can purchase the pool from Amazon. For any queries or support, you can contact Amazon customer care for support regarding the product or the order you placed.

Although, the post-sale service is great for Summer Waves and Intex swimming pools.

4. Overall Performance

On average, it takes about 1.5 hours for a person to set this pool up. It will be quicker if two or more people do it, of course. The water circulates in a way where it sways away from the pump.

So, it becomes easier for chlorine to circulate in the pool. It is a good pool, easy to maintain. Apart from great build-quality, the company provides excellent post-sale service.

Final Verdict

Finally, is summer waves elite pool worthy of buying? Absolutely. This pool offers lasting durability and great endurance.

The size is abundant, and best of all it is easy to set up, besides who would want to spend a summer without a pool?

It is a premium quality pool that will help you cool off the summer blues! With the ongoing Covid-19 precautions, you cannot even think about stepping out and going to the beach or god forbid the public pool.

What better solution than to buy a backyard pool to chill this summer and cool off? It is a good investment since the pool is durable and easy to maintain. You should go for it and enjoy this elite pool with your family.

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